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Our Story

The Local Coffee Shop

We're here to serve, great food, great coffee and now great drinks. But just as importantly to create a friendly, inclusive, and welcoming place for our community to share. We are about having a good time, lively banter and a good laugh.

We've shared some tough times through Covid but we are now determined to celebrate the good times

So the next phase, is to create some adult events that do just that. We will limit them to smallish type numbers to allow them to be not too crowded and have that personal touch.

We have our own ideas for these events but are really open to any ideas from our wonderful Locals - anything that might work is open for discussion.

Why not become a member and put them up for discussion in the members section.


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We Are Open for Private Events

By negotiation we are open to facilitate private functions (up to about 25-30 people)

That might be a private Whisky or Gin night, a wine night or just a private celebration or event.

We will work with you to create an event that's fun, affordable and relaxing for you

Contact Us to Learn More


0411 55 15 15

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